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  • How do I sell my rare coins, gold/silver bullion, and/or jewelry diamond items?"
    Simple, contact us at any of the available contacts and someone will immediately be at your service to answer most questions over the phone. Normally, we screen what you may have to get a better idea of time and space needed to adequately value your items. JG Numismatics does not have a physical location office to come to yet.....but there is numerous places available for meeting such as banks and local coin shops.
  • How do I get the most money for my rare coins, bullion, and/or jewelry items?"
    Simple, sell your items to JG Numismatics and get paid the most. How is this possible? Since the early days of our business we have bought much of our inventory and items we trade from local shops and other dealers throughout the New England area. Most of the dealers buy primarily from the public. What's the difference? Well, if these places are selling to JG Numismatics then they're obviously getting paid higher prices than your receiving from them for the items. Eliminate the middle man and sell to JG Numismatics to receive the most for your treasures.
  • How will I get paid for my rare coins?
    JG Numismatics tries to be as convenient as possible with payment and offers overnight checks on any deal over $5000 and other methods convenient for larger transactions. In person deals are paid by bank check, with numerous industry references available.
  • Why JG Numismatics
    Many people in any business buying and selling want to find ways to stand out. At JG Numismatics we find that quite simple by following moral business practices and just plain treating our clients right. We aren't your typical pawn shop or coin store looking to double up on your first purchase from us or sale, we're looking for long term business. Connections is another reason JG Numismatics has quickly risen to the top and should be your TOP choice. We have connections throughout the entire US, enabliing us to get top dollar possible for your items. It also allows us to have a more wider range of knowledge on A-Z in rare coins, gold and silver bullion, along with the diamond/jewelry world.
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